Consignment through Scioscia's Baseball Cards

If you have cards that are duplicates that you can't trade or cards that are taking up space, why donate them or throw them out? We will accept any cards from you. We will research the value based on the condition, take a picture front and back of every card, and work with our partners to list your cards. We will package and ship to buyers and you will receive a detailed receipt of the transaction.

How does it work? Contact us via email or phone and tell us the product you are planning on sending. It needs to have a tracking number so you and we know when it has been received. We will video as we open the package and confirm that everything you stated you are sending us is in the package. We will do our due diligence on your cards and begin listing them aggressively to sell with our partners and issue you your own page on our website for marketing purposes. We will store your product and insure your product until the items sell. 

Once the item(s) sell we will send you an itemized receipt of any costs associated with selling the item(s) (less packaging material) and we will issue you 75% of the proceeds. You can have those proceeds sent to you via PayPal, issue you a store credit, or used toward items on our site.

If your items do not sell after 6 months, we are willing to offer you a lump sum payment to help you move your cards. 

At anytime you can pay to have your items shipped back to you. 

This is from a recent inquiry on how to package your cards to get them to us.



In your experience, what’s the best way to ship thousands of cards? UPS? In binders or out?


If you have 500 count boxes, that is the best way. Depending on thickness of each card, you should be able to fit 300-400 cards into a 500 count box. If you don’t have these boxes, we can sell you these boxes as well, only charging shipping cost from our partner at BCW.
From there you should be able to fit anywhere from 6-9 or more of those 500 count boxes into a Large Flat Rate box from USPS. Post office gives these boxes for free and there is an automatic $50 insurance included.
It’s important to know that shipping anything has the potential to get crushed in some corners or other heavy items stacked on top so write in large letters all over the box - DO NOT CRUSH OR DROP. I would also somehow pad the inside of the box a bit with bubble wrap as an extra layer and maybe foam peanuts on-top to fill in the gaps.