Update as of 11/19/2016:

Hi and thank you for stopping by, I currently have buyers who are looking for Topps Refractors sets and Chrome sets as well as sets or lots of Topps cards from the 1950's-1970's. Reach out to me if you are looking to sell some or all of your collection.

 Disclaimer: This site is not related to any Major League Baseball Teams

The world of online shopping for Baseball cards can be intimidating. At least that was my thought 20 years ago. Who to trust, where to buy, am I collecting or trying to make it a business, or both? What's the difference between PSA and BGS graded cards, what does book value mean, and how much are my cards worth? These are all legitimate questions and there are so many answers depending on what your goals are. Whether you buy cards from my site or not, I will always help answer your questions and help guide you (if you want it) to the answer and solution that best fits your needs. No pressure, true cost of shipping charges, and best of all, you can call me and have a real conversation.